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While researching computer science at UBC, we developed a mixed initiative editor for creating platform games. A mixed initiative editor is an editor where the computer uses AI techniques (in our case we used deep learning and evolutionary algorithms) to make suggestions to the user with the user either directly using the suggestions or being inspired by the suggestions. Knowing that we wanted to test this editor publicly we wanted a game that was not encumbered by IP and so took a look at the open source game SuperTux. This game was a bit too complicated for our needs and was not a web-based game so I decided to make a simplified version of this game that would run in a web browser and so the game LiteTux was born

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The mixed initiative editor for the game is also in the process of being released as open source and will be posted here as soon as we figure out a way of letting people share levels without requiring user accounts or other complicated mechanisms for storing and vetting the levels. Our plan is to use special links that can be emailed to people you wish to share the levels with that will then lead to the game but with the linked level. We hope to have this work done soon.

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