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LiteTux Game

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While the ultimate goal of SuperTux is to rescue your girlfriend, the goal of each level is to reach the end of the level as quickly as possible. LiteTux has the same goals but is a streamlined version of the game with just the bare minimum of features. This means there are only a few types of monsters, and features such as moving platforms and trampolines are not present.

Playing the game can be done with a gamepad (if your browser support them), with the keyboard cursor keys, with the WASD keys Jumping on monsters will defeat them. Being hit by a monster or falling off the bottom of the screen will cost you a life. Some bricks contain treasures.

For this version of the game, levels are broken into three parts. Losing a life will return you to the last save point. You will have an unlimited number of lives.

 Tux image: Larry Ewing and The GIMP, Attribution, via Wikimedia Commons
Sound effects licensed from Retro Platmormer SFX Pack.
Music licensed from Pixel Platformer Music Pack